Hookerman’s Light

brewpub-sampler-vertNamed after the local legend of the Hookerman who is said to have died after losing his arm in a long-ago rail accident. It is said that the Hookerman can be seen late at night wandering the abandoned tracks with a lantern looking for his lost arm. The lightest of our house beers, the Hookerman’s Light Ale is an American wheat ale, having a delicate flavor and body, with a refreshing fruity aroma. We use malted wheat in the grist in addition to imported, 2-row pale malt. The wheat contributes a very delicate, bready flavor. We add imported Tettnang hops late in the kettle bois for a clean, floral finish.

German Valley Amber

The town of Long Valley was originally called German Valley after the German immigrants that first settled in and cultivated it’s fertile land. Evidence of these first settlers can still be seen in the skillful stone construction of many of the Valley’s buildings and barns, including the Long Valley Pub and Brewery. The original walls and graves of a 16th century Lutheran church can still be found just across the bridge on Fairview Avenue. The German Valley Amber Ale derives its firebrick red color from a combination of crystal and specially roasted malts. This is an assertive beer with a notable bitterness and respectable strength. Willamette hops are used in generous quantities to make this pleasantly hop-flavored ale.

American Pale Ale

We are proud to present this new addition to our family of finely crafted ales! American hops give this Pale Ale a bold crisp finish.

Lazy Jake Porter

Jake was a black Labrador retriever owned by the master carpenter responsible for much of the beautiful restoration work visible in the Long Valley Pub and Brewery. Jake became familiar to the brewer as the dog lounged around the construction site during the hot, 1995 summer days while the dilapidated stone barn was meticulously restored. The friendship struck between the brewer and dog inspired the name of this beer. Lazy Jake Porter is a robust, black beer. Blends of five varieties of malted barley combine to give this beer its assertive flavor and full body. Generous late hop additions complete its bold character. Lazy Jake Porter has received three awards at The Great American Beer Festival and one award from the World Beer Cup.

2009 Silver Medal GABF
2006 Silver Medal, WBC
2000 Gold Medal, Robust Porter category GABF
1999 Bronze Medal, Robust Porter category GABF

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Pub Tours Are Available

Our Brew Master Mike Formisano or an assistant guides guests through our brewing process every Saturday, Maythru October  12-4 pm. $10 includes a sampler of our hand crafted brews. Please call for a reservation 908-876-1122

Seasonal and Special Brews

Seasonal and Special Brews are not always available throughout the year.

Our brewery is central to the character of our establishment. Each of our beers has been painstakingly developed by our head brewmaster Joe Saia and is meticulously brewed to offer our customers the special tasting experience only in-house brewing can produce. Like the 200 year old barn that is our restaurant, each beer is a unique blend of art, science and devoted labor….and a testament to craftsmanship.

1738 Commemorative American Pale Ale
This beer is mostly about the American hops. It is an American Pale Ale with a noticeable hop flavor and aroma. The beer is double hopped meaning that two different hops were used: Amarillo and Cascade for flavor and aroma.

What makes this beer an American Pale Ale is the exclusive use of American hops which have a very distinctive flavor profile: citrus and pine are typical flavors. There is, as usual, a balance malt flavor and a slight sweetness. ABV 5.5%

Alpha Dog American Strong Ale

This beer is intense and potent with generous quantities of hops and malt. Alpha Dog is dry hopped with American cascade hops as well as Amarillo and Nugget hops all grown in Anerica and with  the distinctive flavor and aroma that only American hops provide. It has a copper color and an assertive bitterness but is still well balanced by the malt sweetness. 8.5ABV

Bartleyville Rye Ale
This beer is named for a small town that sat just down the road from the Long Valley Pub and Brewery many years ago and bore the name of one of the area’s founding fathers. Rye beers, or roggerbier, are a style of beer brewed with a portion of the grain bill being rye, usually 10-50%. Rye has a very assertive flavor when mashed and is not usually used as an adjunct here in America. However, it has a large following in parts of Europe.

This beer is traditionally served very cold, unfiltered with a big white creamy head.
Bartleyville Rye Ale was brewed with just 15% of the grain bill being rye, giving this beer an initial sweet grain flavor and finishing with a nice hint of spice and floral hops. The beer starts out sweet on your pallet and finishes nice and dry. This is a unique characterisitic and is a direct result of the rye grain used in the recipe. This unfiltered beer pairs well with most food at a 5% ABV

Best Bitter
‘Back in the day…’ the technology of malting was not very advanced and maltsters were unable to produce very light malts. Hop growing was also an imprecise science and quality hops were rare and very expensive. The typical beers of this time (known as ‘milds’) were quite dark, low in alcohol and on the sweeter side. After the industrial revolution, maltsters gained the ability to produce very light malts and hop growers began to produce higher quality hops at affordable prices. Brewer’s took advantage of these advancements and began to use lighter malts to produce pale, drier ales while also becoming more generous with the addition of hops to the kettle and the cask (dry hopping). The resulting beers began to be known as ‘bitters’ due to their comparatively dry, crisp bitter character.

There are a wide variety of beers that fall into the broad style of ‘bitter’. At first the term bitter was used to describe any beer that was different from the very familiar and prevalent dark, sweet ‘milds’. As brewers began to develop a wide variety of different recipes that weren’t ‘milds’, they began to differentiate between these ‘bitters’ on the basis of the expense incurred to produce them. Typically, the least expensive (also the lowest alcohol, lightest, least bitter and least hoppiest) of the style was referred to as an Ordinary Bitter or House Bitter. The next step up was called Best Bitter due to an increase in the amount of malt and hops used to produce a comparatively maltier, higher alcohol and hoppier beer. After Best Bitters came Special Bitters and Extra Special Bitters (ESBs) with increasing maltiness, alcohol content and hoppiness.

Our Best Bitter is still not a heavy, high alcohol or excessively bitter beer. With an ABV of ~3.8% it has a lower alcohol content than the Golden and is just a bit higher than the Hookerman’s. It is dry hopped with East Kent Goldings.

Our Best Bitter received the bronze medal in the English-Style Bitter category at 2000 The Great American Beer Festival.

Celebration Ale
Our holiday beer is a rich, malty and generously hopped ale. The intense hopped character is balanced by a caramel malt flavor and body but still has a noticeable bitterness. Unlike traditional winter holiday brews, our Celebration Ale uses no spices or fruits for flavoring. The alcohol content is also above average with an ABV between 6.5% and 6.8%. Be sure to enjoy the holidays in style with our popular Celebration Ale.

Country Bumpkin Pumpkin Ale
This seasonal ale was born out of necessity. If the years pumpkin harvest was better than expected, something had to be done with the excess pumpkins. Beer was an excellent way to preserve the pumpkins’ nutrients and since winter was approaching, the beer could be stored longer than usual. Even George Washington brewed pumpkin ale. When not a soldier and a statesman, the father of our country was a plantation owner whose family and large workforce grew, bred, and brewed most of what they ate and drank. The beer you taste here today, however, tastes drastically different than the one brewed years ago.

Our pumpkin ale was brewed with 50 lbs. of fresh roasted pumpkin. Spices were added to the kettle to give it just enough of the pumpkin pie flavor that makes us feel so good this time of year. Although the ale is brewed with fresh roasted pumpkins and flavored cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg, don’t expect pumpkin pie in a mug! Like most of our beers, it is balanced. Balance is usually achieved between hops, malt, and alcohol. In this case, it’s between pumpkin and spices. This beer has a beautiful orange/copper color, is 5.25% ABV and pairs well with chicken, turkey, cheese, and most desserts.

The Dark Side Imperial Porter
Imperial Porters are porters with big malt character, rich flavors and higher alcohol content. Many Imperial Porters are significantly hoped and can be as much as 10%abv.

The Dark Side Imperial Porter is part of our premium beer line and features a complex, dark roasted malt flavor complemented by a thick creamy head. The aroma is rich with malty sweetness and a complex blend of dried fruit and fresh dark coffee. Our Imperial Porter has a prominent roasted flavor that stops short of burnt. The bold flavor starts sweet but darker malt flavors quickly dominate. The abundance of malt and a variety of English hops help round out the finish. Complex Carmel, roast coffee, toffee and a nutty character can all be used to describe this bold beer. 9% abv

Dusseldorf Alt Bier
Alt Bier is the German answer to both Pale Ale and Brown Ales, which are English. Alt Biers have a good upfront malt flavor followed by hop bitterness and can have full hop flavors depending where the beer is brewed. Like a Brown Ale, Alt is rich, malty, and usually darker than a Pale Ale. Although this is an Ale, lagering techniques are employed when brewing an Alt giving them a clean finish. The color of the beer is a dark red to brown. It is brewed today mostly around Dusseldorf in the northwest of Germany. The direct translation of Alt Bier is ‘old beer’. This is a reference to Alt being an ale, which is an older style of beer when compared wtih lagers. Lagers dominate Germany. Golden lagers, with a cleaner flavor and beauty when viewed through glass, gradually replaced this style except for a few hold outs in Dusseldorf, Germany who are known for this style of beer. Our Alt is a classic example of this style wtih a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness. It finishes clean with hints of noble hops rounding out the flavor at 5%ABV.

El Diablo
Our El Diablo brew is a Belgian-style golden ale defined by its light golden color, slight sweetness, balanced by a subtle bitterness and very mild hop character. The name, El Diablo, refers to The Devil because this brew is easy drinking but can get you into trouble with its high alcohol content (ABV:7.5-8.0%). Enjoy this seasonal brew but watch out for El Diablo!

Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
Our ESB is dry hopped with East Kent Goldings which dominate its aroma and contribute much if the beer’s flavor. There is an assertive bitterness but it is masked somewhat by a caramel sweetness. Although assertive, the malt, bitterness and hop characteristics of this ale are well balanced for a smooth easy drink.

Fall Festival Ale
Our Fall Festival Ale is very “clean” tasting and malty, with a light amber/copper color, slight balancing bitterness, and mild hop flavor and aroma (from German Tettnang hops). We brew this beer using lager techniques and recipe formulation, but is fermented with our “ale” yeast. Our yeast, however, is unique in that it will produce desired flavor effects under both lager and ale fermentation / maturation conditions. We have also incorporated imported malts to achieve an authentic Oktoberfest malt flavor profile.

Festival Ale
Our Festival Ale is mostly about the hops. It’s an American Brown Ale with a noticeable hop flavor and aroma. It is also double hopped, meaning two varieties of hop were used in this beer. Williamette for flavor and Cascade for aroma. Those of you who have been here for a while know that Cascade hops are a very distinctive, very American hop, grown and used almost exclusively here in the United States. There is a balanced malt flavor and slight sweetness to this beer with an ABV of about 5.5 – 6.0%.

Grist Mill Golden Ale
This beer gets its name from the Obadiah LaTourette Grist and Saw Mill located on East
Mill Road, east of the Pub. The circa 1750 grist mill was a focal point for commerce in
Long Valley during the 1800’s and operated until World War II. It is currently being
restored by the Washington Township Land Trust.

The Grist Mill Golden is an all barley malt beer. It has a distinctive malt flavor for a light-colored beer, which is balanced by noticeable hop bitterness. A generous late addition of Willamette hops gives this beer a pleasant citrus finish.

Harvest Ale
This beer is mostly about hops with a noticeable bitterness. The flavor and aroma of the beer is defined by the aggressive use of American hops and the deep red / brown color is from the use of caramel malts. There is (as usual) a balancing malt texture and slight sweetness — also from the caramel malts. The ABV is roughly 5.8-6.0%.

Although we know how much you all like to read our extensive “Style Histories”, this beer has no history. This is just something our brewmasters concocted because we thought it would be a nice change of pace and also satisfy the long suffering “hop heads” that frequent the Brew Pub.

Hot Rod Ale
This beer is mostly about hops! It’s an American pale ale with a noticeable hop flavor and aroma. It is a doubled hopped ale, meaning two different hops are used in this beer. Willamette and Cascade for flavor & aroma. Cascade hops are a very distinctive, very American hop. They are grown and used almost exclusively in America. There is, as usual, a balanced malt flavor and slight sweetness to this beer. The ABV is about 5.5%

Inspiration IPA
India Pale Ale (IPA) is a style that was designed by an English brewer in the 1700’s. Brewers were having trouble with beer spoiling on the long sea voyage from England to the colonies in India. One brewer realized that there were two things in beer with preservative effects: alcohol and hops. He created a beer that was strong in alcohol and high in hop content — a Super Pale Ale. It survived the voyage in reasonable good condition and became popular in the colonies and at home.

Our Inspiration Ale is copper colored, strong in alcohol content (approximately 7.0% ABV) with a bitter and powerful hop flavor and aroma. The bitterness is somewhat masked by a slight malt sweetness (it requires a lot of malt to make a strong beer). We call it an old-world IPA because many American versions of the style lack the strength, color and maltiness that we believe the original beers contained.

Jersey Fresh Hopped Ale
In late summer to easrly fall, hops are harvested from their vines. For the most part, these hops are saved for use throughout the year and even for subsequent years. They are pelletized or stored as whole leaf hops. Part of this process for storage is drying them. In the past years, however, some brewers have taken a new approach towards this time of year. They will use these hops fresh off the vine.
What this means is they will have hops shipped overnight from the source to their brewery. The faster the better! You need to use these fresh hops within 24 hours of being picked. Most hops for the US market are produced in the Yakima Valley in Washington state. You can see how this would be a lot of effort for a beer. Also, brewers have to use a lot more hops by weight than usual, as hops lose up to 80% of their weight in the drying process.

A fresh hop beer, when done right, is completely worth this extra work. It adds extra layers of hop flavor and aroma. A light malt base is all you really need with a lot of late hops. Since hops are produced mainly in the Pacific Northwest, you see these beers much more up there,. In this part of the country they are virtually non-existant. With the help of Roger Friday, we found a good supply of hops growing locally. We spent many hours picking them and had them in a brew within 12 hours. We could not identify the variety of hop, but we believe they were mostly Cascade and Willamette variety.
Taste: Just enough up front bitterness followed by delicious citrus notes and fantastic hop spiciness. The late fresh hop addition are quite apparent in the beer and add a very nice depth,. It has a nice multidimensional flavor. It is clean, hoppy, and has just the right bitterness to allow all the flavors to come through.The malt takes a back seat to the hops, but in a way that is balanced.

Little Jacob’s Milk Stout
Milk Stout is a variety of Stout which is characterized by a sweeter taste, due to the addition of lactose during boil. Lactose is milk sugar and acts as a sweetener. It is indigestible by our yeast so it remains in the finished product giving it a pleasing sweet finish.

Stouts have an enduring tradition of giving strength, possessing nutritive and healing powers and, in bygone years, were prescribed by doctors for alleviating a myriad of ailments. Milk Stouts have been a brand in England since the late 1700’s. Traditional English Sweet Stouts, also referred to as Milk or Cream Stouts, have the addition of lactose or whey in their recipes.

This is a new seasonal here at the Brew Pub and has a ABV of 5%. Milk Stouts are a very rare style of beer brewed by a handful of brewers around the world today. This seasonal brew was named after the birth of our GABF award-winning brewmaster’s first grandson, Steven Jacob Dwyer, born November 3, 2005.

Nellie Browne’s Irish Red Ale
Irish red ale, red ale, or Irish ale gains its slightly reddish colour for the use of a small amount of roasted barley. The term red ale or red beer is used by brewers in countries other than Ireland: however, the name Irish Red is typrically used when roasted material is used.
In America, the name can describe a darer amber ale and some breweries may produce a red beer that is a lager with caramel coloring.
Our Nellie Browne’s Irish Red is a classic Irish Ale. Toasted caramel malts give it its sweet start while just the right amount of roasted barley give it its red tint. Classic English hops round out the flavor profile. ABV .5%

North Pole Pale Ale
Our North Pole Pale Ale is similar to the traditional English Pale Ales in every way. It is dry hopped with East Kent Goldings. Its bitterness is noticeable but not overwhelming. We are serving it with nitrogen dispense.

This beer style evolved from the early light colored Bitters. When breweries started to package bottled versions of their draft Bitter products, they marketed these products as Pale Ales. In order to get longer shelf-life from these packaged beers, the brewers would increase the alcoholic strength and hop contribution. These beers were golden to copper in color and typically dry-hopped and unfiltered. The alcohol content of these beers varied widely but were commonly between 4.5 and 5.5% ABV.

Nut Brown Ale
We are pleased to introduce our newest ale, the Long Valley Nut Brown Ale. This reddish-brown ale is known for its nutty sweetness and enticing aroma. Similar to New Castle Brown Ale, our Brown is patterned from the Northern New England brown ales and has a slightly lower alcohol content (approximately ABV: 4.8%) than our other brews.

Our Nut Brown Ale received two medals from the Great American Beer Festival and one from the North American Beer Awards .

2005 Silver Medal at North American Beer Award
2005 Gold Medal in the English-Style Brown Ale category at GABF
2004 Bronze Medal in the English-Style Brown Ale category at GABF

Jersey Fresh Hopped Ale
In the old days… when hops were harvested, they were taken to an oast house to be dried. Oast houses were typically round structures with conical roofs that had a perforated floor on which the hops would be placed. The roof had a hole in it (similar to a tepee) that would allow the heat generated by the fires built on the ground floor to draft up through the hops.

Our Oast House Ale is not based on any traditional style. It has a deep red color and moderate alcohol strength (5.5% ABV). It is slightly bitter with a mild malt character for balance. The dominant flavor and aroma characteristics are derived from a generous use of American Cascade hops. These Cascade hops also impart a subtle grapefruit flavor.

Oatmeal Stout
Our Oatmeal Stout is a classic version of the stout style. The oats give this moderately strong (4.5% ABV) black beer a very creamy texture and mellow roasted flavor. It is slightly sweet with a mild bitterness due to our very restrained use of hops. In fact there is no hop flavor or aroma. We use a traditional nitrogen dispensing system to serve this beer. Unlike carbon dioxide, the nitrogen does not remain in the beer. Instead, it cascades from the beer to produce a very tight, creamy head. The stout is relatively flat which contributes to a smooth texture.

Octoberfest Style
This style refers to a traditional lager beer style served during the Octoberfest season. These beers are defined by their copper/amber color, malt flavor, subdued bitterness, and mild hop flavor/aroma. This beer is brewed using lager techniques and recipe formulation but fermented with our ‘ale’ yeast. Our yest, however, is unique in that it will produce desired flavor effects under both lager and ale fermentation/maturation conditions. We treated the fermentation and maturation of this beer as if we were using a traditional lager yeast and the results are very acceptable.

This beer is very clean tasting and malty, with a light amber/copper color, slight balancing bitterness, and a mild hop flavor and aroma(from German Tettnang hops). We used some imported malts to get an authentic Octoberfest malt flavor profile. Lagers are traditionally also more carbonated and this beer should be served with a good, thick head.

Ponytail Pale Ale
Our Ponytail Pale Ale, based on the draft version of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, is deep golden in color, moderately high in alcohol (~5.4% ABV), and noticeable bitter. This ale is dominated by Pacific Northwest’s Cascade hop which gives it its “grapefruity” flavor and aroma. This American or California Pale Ale style came into its own about 30 years ago during the American micro brewery infancy as the response to the widely available, mass produced, bland beers of the day.

Stone Ban Stout
LVPB’s Stone Barn Stout is a nitrogen dispensed dry Irish stout in the Guinness tradition. Roasted barley is what gives this beer its definitive taste and color with no hop flavor or aroma. Our Stone Barn Stout is relatively light in alcohol (ABV ~3.8%) but has a robust roasted flavor.
We have recently incorporated another aspect of Guinness’ production technique. Guinness is said to add a small amount of soured beer to their stout in order to achieve its distinctive ‘tang’. We have used a similar technique to ‘sour’ our Stone Barn Stout. This gives the beer a slight pleasant and tangy sourness on the back of the palette.

Sultry Summer Ale

This dry, thirst quenching Summer Ale is unfiltered and flavored with just the right amount of organic lemon zest. Subtle hop flavor and pleasant earthy spiciness from the contribution of rye malt round out this featured brew. Served with a slice of lemon, this light drinkable beer wil pair well with seafood and any light fare. 4.5ABV

TropadelicEast Coast IPA

Tropadelic is part of our premium beer line. This is a relatively new beer style. East coast IPA’s, also known as New England IPA, are a challenge to brew and only available from a hand full of breweries with the most experienced brewers.
This beer is designed to be enjoyed fresh and unfiltered from the brewery.
One of the most distinguishing characteristics of East Coast IPA’S are their low bitterness. Despite the low bitterness , hop rates are more than double the rate of a traditional American IPA.
The flavor and aroma of Tropadelic is full of fruity, citrusy notes including sweet orange, tangerine, peaches, mango and grapefruit, with a soft mouthfeel. This flavor profile is only achieved through the most advanced brewing techniques and the use of fruit forward hops only recently available.

Batch 1000 Brewmaster’s Reserve
Batch 1000 is an Imperial Stout whose stark, jet black body is topped with a deep toffee colored layer of foam. It’s robust flavor is made up of dark chocolate, dark fruits, and blackstrap molasses. The malty sweetness of this stout is balanced by an abundance of caramel, chocolate, and roasted barley that lend themselves to a lengthy burnt, bittersweet finish. This elegant yet potent beer weighs in at around 9% ABV.

This was originally brewed to celebrate our 1000th brew but due to popular demand we have been bringing it back once a year. As it turns out, it has become one of the most popular seasonal brews.
Batch 1000 will only be served in a special 13 oz goblet for the normal price, and due to its limited supply, will not be made available for sale in Growlers.