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Our  Brew Master guides guests through our brewing process every Friday Evening and Saturday Afternoon. $10 includes a sampler of our hand crafted brews. Private Tours also available. Please call for a reservation 908-876-1122


“A Blonde Ale by any other name would taste as sweet?” Apologies to William Shakespeare. Maybe. But this Honey Blonde Ale possesses ta balance of sweetness from the malted barley, bitterness from the hops, and a dryness from the addition of honey.  We added 2 gallons of locally produced honey from Ort Farms, right here in Long Valley, to give this blonde the perfect compliment to her already sweet nature.


This is an Extra Special  Bitter, in the tradition of old-time English Ales. Not as bitter as an IPA, tis beer is made with high quality floor-malted Maris Otter Malt, along with Scottish and Irish heirloom malts. The sweetness these malts provide is balanced out with five varities of English hops, giving this beer a well balanced and earthy bitterness.  ABV 5.0%, IBU 45


This traditional German lager features the malt sweetness privovided by true German Pilsner Malt, along with the crisp clean taste know for lager beer. We’ve bittered this brew with classic Noble Hops, making for a refreshing beer that’s definitely meant to be enjoyed on a hot summer day! ABV 5% IBU 30


Named for our nations first president , General of the Continental  Army in the American Revolution, and known to have visited the building formerly know as Neitzers Tavern on our property(now La Rienda), George Washington was no stranger to New Jersey. In fact, when setting up camp with his soldiers during the war, he was known to have brought along some of his own homemade Porter Beer! Our take on the style is brewed with English malts to provide a chocolate and caramel sweetness, and it’s bittered with English and, of course, American Hops to provide the perfect balance for this beer! ABV 5.5% IBU 40


Just like German Valley is the old name for Long Valley, so to our Altbier is named for the old style of brewing in Germany…Ales! Unlike the rest of Germany which gravitated to Lager Brewing in the 19th century, the brewmasters of this style stayed with their tried and true ale… their Altbier. Clean and crisp like a lager, but still an ale so you taste the caramel notes of the malt, along with the floral and spicy notes of the Noble Hops. A treasusre that did not disappear with the advent of Lager Brewing, and one that we can enjoy in the “New World” today! ABV 5.25% IBU 40


Our German Style Hefeweizen is brewed with wheat and pilsner malt, along wit a few other specialty greains. It is light yellow in color and unfiltered, as per the traditional brewing style for this beer. We add a light dose of German Noble Hops for bitterness, as well as for aroma. Hefeweizens are great thirst quenching beers for summer time! ABV 4.5% IBU 15

This beer gets its name from the Obadiah LaTourette Grist and Saw Mill located on East
Mill Road, east of the Pub. The circa 1750 grist mill was a focal point for commerce in
Long Valley during the 1800’s and operated until World War II. It is currently being
restored by the Washington Township Land Trust.


One of three Christmas selections in the series for 2018. This Red IPA was brewed in the tradition of the original  India Pale Ales from the UK. We used floor-malted English Maris Otter Malt, along with a satisfying blend of English hops, and finished up with just a touch of roasted barley, in order to give this beer a reddish hue that suits the holiday season so well. The bitterness in this brew is more reserved than what you would normally find in an American style IPA as the hops we used from Great Britain provide more of a pronounced earthy bitterness and flavor. We find it to be a perfect balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness and hope that you do too.  ABV 6.5%, IBU 65


One of three Christmas selections of 2018, this German Schwarzbier may appear dark and heavy, but its brewed to be light and refreshing, close in body and mouthfeel to our Four Bridges Golden Lager. We began this beer with the same blend of German Malts and Noble Hops you would find in our other lagers. However, we finish with a small blend of chocolate and other dark malts, to give it the same characteristics true to the Schwarzbier style. The result is a truly enjoyable, easy drinking lager, perfect for the holidays. Prost!  ABV 6.0%, IBU 30


We’ve taken the recently popular New England IPA style and have given it a bit of a Jersey twist! Our version incorporates locally grown New Jersey Malted Barley! Add in some wheat and flaked oats, along with plenty of American Hops, and what you get is a hazy, juicy IPA, full of various citrus flavors, like orange and grapefruit. Not as bitter as your typical West Coast IPA, our NJ IPA is all about balance… malty sweet enough to stand up to this beers high hop backbone. Cheers! ABV 6.5%  IBU 70


Named for the location where Joseph Heath erected the first of Washington Township’s buildings 200 years ago, Pleasant Grove Raspberry Wheat is a smooth, easy drinking beer. It’s blend of American 2-Row malted barley and American grown wheat is the perfect base for the 170 pounds of raspberries that we’ve added to the fermentatin tank. The result is an ale that provides just the right level of drinkability. It’s a perfect complement to the last days of the season as we begin to make the transition into fall’s shorter days and heartier offerings from the tap. Enjoy before it’s gone, just like the last days of a Long Valley summer! ABV 5.0% IBU 25


Beers are know to be either Ales or Lagers. Not quite so with our Revolutionary Steam Beer!This beer style was invented during the California Gold Rush, where beer drinkers wanted Lagers but the breweries didn’t have proper refrigeration. In response, the California brewers used Lager yeast at Ale temperatures to ferment their Steam Beers. This is the one of the true beer styles invented in America! A Revolutionary Beer indeed. ABV 5.25% IBU 35


You don’t need dancing shoes or disco moves to enjoy this summertime sensation! Named for when this beer was first brewed in the Long Valley Brew Pub, this Belgian-styled Farmhouse ale is packed with fruity and spicy notes, supported by a soft malt character. It finishes dry with just the right touch of hop bitterness. A perfect beer to quench your thirst in the mid to late summer months.  ABV 5.5% IBU 30


One of the three beers in our Christmas series for 2018, this Chocolate Milk Stout is a treat you can even leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve! Our blend of American and English Malts and Hops are mixed with lactose sugar and cocoa powder to give this beer a sweet yet satisfying taste. Theres enough alcohol to provide a slightly warmth, yet not so much to keep you from enjoying a second or even third pint. A perfect brew to savor all throughout the Holiday season… or even as a Yuletide snack on Christmas Eve! ABV 7.0%, IBU 35

501 WIT

It’s 5:00 somewhere, right? We if that’s the case, you should have a beer in your hand by 5:01 and the beer to have in that hand is our 5:01 WIT! this is a Belgian style wheat ale, brewed with both pilsner and wheat malt along with flaked oats for a smooth, satisfying body. We all some bitter and sweet oranage peel to give this Wit a special “zing” to it. Top that with some coriander seeds to provide a spicy note to the finish. You don’t have to wait until the moon rises of sets to enjoy this Wit. Have it at 5:01 or anytime.